Noise Reduction Band

Noise Reduction Band is a Band composed of Nhordia “iya” Jawali(Vocals), Jenny Anne “Nannie” Otero(Guitars), Fernando “Ando” Soriano(Bass), and Marcharl “Charl” Celedonio(Drums and Percussion).

The band can play an extensive range of repertoire and are flexible to the music that the crowd desires to hear. Iya’s soulful melodies are accompanied by the heartwarming rhythm of Nannie’s guitar’s strings while Charl’s diverse rolling techniques jives with Ando’s heartfelt groove and altogether forms a distinct sound that they apply to create songs and renditions that the listeners will surely be fond of.

The band started early 2008 to join an “acoustic battle of the bands” at Metropoint mall, Pasay City. The band then was composed of cousins Nannie and Charl, their friend Riza(vocals) and Nannie’s schoolmate Eugene(Bass). The said competition was judged by Juris and Chin(MYMP), and Aiza Seguerra of which they won the championship and left both the audience and the judges at awe. Soon after the competition, Ando, Nannie’s classmate started filling Eugene’s post as bassist due to a busy his schedule.

They started accepting bargigs, playing for various occasions and events, honing their craft and eventually making their own sound and making their own songs.

Iya came into the band(after several change of vocalists) late 2012.

After some time, they’ve all adjusted well with their new vocalist and is currently venturing on recording the songs they’ve made and has high hopes of penetrating the mainstream music industry.